Craigslist Ads That Work – Sell More Product – Making Your Ads Stand Out from the Crowd

For many marketers, the time it takes to place ads on Craigslist is a hindrance. Marketing professionals often try to make it easy to reach the first market for a product, forgetting that most consumers shop with their eyes. Remember that first impressions count and you may not get another chance to make them again. You must be different with so many people on Craigslist today. Visit our website and learn more about Craigslist Posting Service.

Help your prospect choose your product/service by following these guidelines:

1.) 1.) Creativity in Ad Copy

Ad copy is your chance to make a lasting impression. With your copy, you don’t need to be clever or charming. Make sure you include a problem statement in any ad copy you send to potential customers.

Statements such as the ones below can be used, for example:

-How to naturally treat arthritis…
Stop Headaches from Migraine
-Make More Money online…

2.) 2.) Place Multiple Ads

Make multiple posts to take advantage the Craigslist free advertising. Be sure to distinguish each ad so your ads don’t get flagged for duplicate posting. You can post every day of your week, if time permits. This will allow you to maximize the space that your ads take up.

3.) Use images within your Ads

You can make your ads appear more professional by using relevant images. Images can make your ads stand out from the rest by making them look professional. Craigslist has many marketers who fail to use images in ads. They miss out on the power and convenience of clickingable images that link to their sites.

4.) Keep your ads simple

Craigslist advertising is short and simple. People don’t have time to go through endless lines of text about your product while searching Craigslist ads. Craigslist ads should be simple. You can make people interested by linking to your sells page.

5.) Register for a Craigslist Account

It’s easier to manage your advertising campaigns by creating a Craigslist Account. For whatever reason, many marketers refuse to take this step. Posting is an important feature of creating an account. Your account can be accessed from anywhere you are, and the ad can be reposted within 48 hours. You must start over if you don’t have an account.

6.) Relevancy is the Key

You should not try to spam Craigslist by misclassifying your ad. It won’t work, and the readers will flag it if they don’t find you. Remember that you are dealing with a group. Be part of it and respect the rules.

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