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Why does your church need a website?

Although 96% of pastors use computers in church, and many others use technology during sermons, few churches have a website. This is a problem because millions of potential churchgoers and churchgoers look for their church website on the Internet every day – get more info.

Here are some reasons to get started on your church website work.

1. Your congregation will be engaged and active through a website.

Research shows that more than 60% of churchgoers think that the church’s website is crucial to their participation in church (CRCNA.org).

You can provide valuable information to your church’s website such as event calendars and volunteer sign-up forms. Blog posts, podcasts, recorded sermons and social media links are great ways for your congregation to keep in touch with what’s happening at your church and the events that it sponsors.

2. Websites provide a central location to share current event calendars, bulletins, and service programs.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money printing bulletins, program information and calendars and then sending them out every few weeks. Instead, upload them and share them on the internet.

You’ll also be able to update your calendar and program information easily on your website, if necessary. Online registration will allow people to sign up for programs and events at their own pace, which makes organization and tracking easier.

3. Your leadership and programs are presented to the public through a website.

A page for your church with bios and contact information of pastors and youth pastors, staff and others should be created. The public will know about their background and interests before they enter your church. The public will also be able to access information about your services and programs.

This information will help prospective members of your congregation feel more comfortable when they visit your church in person. They will have a better idea of what type of ministry they will encounter, and who will be leading it.