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Dream Interpretation: Meaning of Dreams

The ability to interpret and interpret dreams is as old-fashioned as dreaming. While we recognize that many people and animals dream every night (including us), as humans, we are always fascinated by understanding the meanings of our dreams. In order to know yourself better and own yourself better, you need to know the meaning of seeing a fox at night

The history of dream interpretation goes back at least to 3000-4000 B.C. This is because dream interpretations were long-term recorded on clay tablets. Many elementary-aged children couldn’t distinguish the real world from the dreamworld at first. Many people believed the dream realm was an extension of the actual world. They often viewed it as more powerful than their waking one.

The Ancient Greeks and Classical world saw dream interpretation as so vital that interpreters often accompanied generals as well other military leaders to wars. Dreams were taken very seriously by the Romans as well as the Greeks.

In old Egypt, dream interpretation was a double job for priests. Dreams were one of the hieroglyphics items that the Egyptians first recorded. Dreams that were very significant or bright were given special condition in these ancient cultures. Also, those with the ability to transliterate dreams were intended to be blessed by the gods and enjoyed special status within society.

While there are approximately 700 references to dreams in the bible it is clear that many people of biblical times believed dreams were extremely important. Dreams and their interpretations can be found not only in some of the most significant publications of scripture, but also in other holy books.

In some cases, dreams were used as a way to predict the future. People often used dreams to predict the future and interpret their dreams as cautions or omens. Dreams were commonly interpreted by people as messages from spirits, omens from divinities, or information from departed spirit. Sometimes dreams were even considered the work or devils. These were intended to perplex and trouble dreamers.