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How to Select from the Best, the Bad, and The Ugly – Lawn Washing Companies

Now you’re in a big mess. A big mess. A mobile pressure washing service is what you need, but it’s not clear where to begin. Be assured that you’re not the only one. Most people don’t have any idea what power washing is until they need to hire someone to clean up their mess. It is important to evaluate the experience and professionalism of any power washing company before hiring them. If you want to clean your company, Pressure Washing The Woodlands keeps it clean, you can find out more on this site about professional power wash company.

A power wash company’s equipment is an important factor in the quality of their service. The best pressure washers are equipped with industrial machines capable of producing steam or hot water above 250F (121C), and up to 3,000psi. Effective pressure washing is dependent on heat. To save costs, pressure washers who are not well-equipped will end up spending more. But you will ultimately pay the cost. They’ll need to spend more on the same area, or use costly (and sometimes harmful) chemicals to achieve the same results. The worst pressure washers are either low-quality, consumer-grade cold-water machines or ones that have been modified with poor accessories. They can cause significant damage to your property and should not be used.

You can’t clean up your mess with shiny, high-tech equipment. It should be left in the capable hands of an experienced technician. Because of the economy’s poor state and low start-up costs new companies appear all the time. Good companies will have at most several years of experience. Many power washing businesses have been in operation for over 10 year and have a solid track record supported by references, photos of the before and after, as well as a high rating at the local Better Business Bureau. Inexperienced, undocumented and unqualified workers are common in a company that tries to save money. Poor quality or property damage can result. Companies that pay poor wages to workers who have never used a pressure washer before are often undocumented. Irreparable damage is very possible.

When choosing a reliable power washing service, the most important factor is their professionalism. A professional company will respond quickly to all your inquiries and have excellent written and verbal communication skills. Professional companies can accept credit cards for payment. Contractor licenses do not usually need to be obtained, however, an organization must be in good standing with state’s corporation commission. They should also have general liability, workers compensation, and commercial automobile insurance. For your peace of mind, good companies will provide certificates of insurance that prove they have coverage. Bad companies are pushy and will try to sell you insurance to cover their lack of professionalism. Companies that aren’t insured and difficult to deal with will disappear as soon as you complain or pay.

Search the Internet to find the best power washing companies. Then invite three or more companies for an estimate. You will receive a free estimate from reputable power washers. A quote can be obtained over the phone depending on the project size. Larger projects require an on-site visit. This allows a professional power wash company to give you a more accurate estimate. It also allows you to inspect their equipment, experience, professionalism, and work ethic firsthand. After you have collected all the estimates, you can now choose the right company to do your job.